We invested in a fourth modular drill recently. It came in very handy today when a call came in for a fracture in Penzance. We wrapped up our two TPLOs and some reviews (including the lovely sight of Juno walking well in her bilateral carpal arthrodeses) at Head and Head, then headed to Vet4Pets to poor Mollie who had been hit by a car.

The radius is fixated with an 8-hole 3.5mm locking compression plate. Extra rigidity is given to the repair by a 2mm intramedullary pin placed in the ulna which nicely resists bending. As Mollie is a bit older so will heal more slowly than a younger dog, and there was fissuring of the radius meaning the bony column could not be completely reconstructed, we placed a bone graft of cancellous bone harvested from the top of her humerus.

This will provide both a matrix for healing and osteogenic factors to speed healing. We wish her a speedy recovery.

“Many thanks for being able to see to Mollie! She is a retired working dog and I exercise her every day. Look forward to getting her back in good shape. She is already walking being given 5 minute walks 5 times a day! Once again, many thanks. From Graham and of course Mollie!”

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xray dog vetcw