“VetCW have been incredible in offering their services to us and our clients, Colin and his team are there 24/7 for help and advice on cases. A professional service that allows surgical cases to stay within your practice, leading to happy clients, staff and generating revenue. The whole process works very smoothly from start to finish and I would highly recommend having VetCW to be part of any vet team”
Jonathon McCotter Practice Owner, Animal Veterinary Services

“We have been using Colin, Lizzy and their wonderful team of nurses at VetCW ever since they started offering a peripatetic service. I can’t recommend them highly enough. We previously referred our orthopaedics and challenging soft tissue cases to Colin when he was at Penmellyn and were highly satisfied with the outcomes. We now get all the benefits of that expertise AND a boost to our income stream with the added convenience of having the team come direct to the practice. The clients love not having to travel and we love being able to offer them a better service.
Emma Campbell JVP, Falmouth Vets4Pets

“Having worked with Colin before, I was more than happy of the prospect of the service he offered. The team stay flexible around our timetable and are always on hand to give advice on various cases and images to help decide on further options. Colin is always happy to chat about a case, assess a case or discuss options directly with the owners before going to surgery to ensure all parties are happy with the plan.

He communicates well with the team and the clients and performs a range of surgery making his service very versatile. It works very well for our practice and allows cases to remain in house with the owners remaining with the practice they know as well as the staff they know and that know their pet. It saves the client from travelling and allows great case continuation with regular timetabled visits as well as extras for emergencies or extra cases as required. As a young business ourselves, Colin’s ethos and services have fit in very well for us and allowed our business development.”
Rhiannon McCammick JVP, Penzance Vets4Pets

“We would like to say that we have found having VetCW has enabled us to provide an efficient and convenient service to our clients. Not only have provided prearranged procedures, they have also assisted us in cases of emergencies and with clinical advice via email or phone, even in the middle of the night! Due to it being on site client uptake and receptiveness is much easier than referring away, and its good as the vets involved also get to follow the case through from start to finish.”
Roxanne Knight Veterinary Surgeon, Head and Head

“We have been using VetCW Referrals since 2020 to help us with more complicated surgical procedures required for our patients and clients. The whole team is approachable, caring and compassionate. They involve the clients with every step of the decision-making process and carefully explain the procedures involved. The whole team exudes professionalism. They have been a fantastic add on service for our practice and we are grateful for their hard work and support.”
Sam Sanger Clinical Director, Regent Court Vets

“There are no other words to describe the team at VetCW, other than they are absolutely brilliant and amazing at what they do. Quite apart from their professionalism, knowledge and skill they bring to the table, they provide a service to our clients that is so warm, caring and compassionate. They are and at the same time respectful and mindful of the pressures often exerted on our own clinical teams and are always very considerate and measured in their approach to their work. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Colin, Lizzy, Jade and Kathy. We share the same values and beliefs and we consider them to be an important part of our family, here at Monument Vets!”
Darren Terry Practice Manager, Monument Vets

“VetCW are an awesome team of caring, hard-working professionals, who are a pleasure to have at the practice. VetCW take the time to explain to the clients the surgery required and all the risks involved. Jade will always make sure that the days they are due in will work for us and them, she knows how we work on a day-to-day basis, and will always makes sure our needs are accommodated.

The team are a pleasure to have in, the nurses love having them in the practice, they find it rewarding at educational. Jade and Kathy will always communicate to our nurses and vets the requirements post op whilst they in, and everything is always thoroughly written down for the clients to read and understand. We have found using VetCW as a Peripatetic Vet, nothing but outstanding. Our clients love that they can have the orthopaedic surgery carried out at a Practice that they already have a lot of trust in, and to us that really is something that we do value.”
Sophie Hadfield Director and Practice Manager, City Road Vets