FAQ’s and Post-Op Forms

VetCW FAQs for clients


• What sort of procedures do you do?

We enjoy all aspects of surgery! As a travelling service we offer a very wide range of orthopaedic and soft-tissue procedures; we are also very well equipped, for example with a very wide range of orthopaedic trauma implants to address a wide range of fracture patients and conformations. Very occasionally if specialised or customised implants are required then we may need to schedule procedures around deliveries.

• How will I be kept up to date pre-operatively?

We will ask your practice to forward us your details prior to the appointment. We will then speak to you prior to the appointment to give them an outline of the admissions and surgical procedures. We will also, if possible, email over consent forms and post-operative instructions so you can review ahead of time and have the opportunity to formulate any questions or concerns.
Repeat examinations are ten minute appointments. New presentations are seen with a 20 minute appointment. New patient referral examinations are very unpredictable in terms of duration, and we do strive to ensure that all your queries are addressed fully. There may be some unpredictability in keeping to appointment times, of necessity.

• How do admissions work?

All surgeries will include a consultation with Colin and full case discussion with the you. VetCW will provide bespoke consent forms for the procedure. If we do not proceed to surgery, only the consultation fee of £50 will be payable.

• What does an estimate include?

All estimates include VAT at 20%. Where we are visiting practices regularly on a fortnightly basis, Colin will review patients at two weeks post-operatively, and for orthopaedic cases again at 6 weeks with the option of performing review radiographs at that stage – which are also included within the flat procedure fee, so you know what to expect, without any awkward surprises.

• How do I pay?

You settle with your practice as normal.

• How will discharges work?

We will keep in contact with the owner with updates on the surgery and initial recovery from anaesthesia. We will then typically hand over to the host practice team for discharge. The animal will either be discharged the same day, or may require overnight care, either at your practice or their out of hours provider. We will discuss this with you on the day on a case by case basis. Full post-operative information will be provided for you.

• What if there are any post-operative complications?

All surgical procedures carry complication rates, and whilst it would be lovely to pretend we’ll be immune to that, we won’t. Colin will be available to your vet to support everyone with any post-operative issues.