We saw Juno yesterday, two weeks after her Laryngeal Tie-Back surgery.
She’s an older lady who was really struggling with her breathing and reaching crisis point. Two weeks post-surgery she’s in fine fettle, got her breath back, and ready for exercise once again.

Laryngeal paralysis typically affects older dogs, causing their throat to close up and obstruct airflow and resulting in constant harsh, heavy, rasping breathing.

Surgeon Colin Whiting has over 15 years experience with the Laryngeal Tie-back procedure, placing precise retaining sutures through a small incision on the left side of the neck which reopen the airway.

Within days of surgery dogs ‘regain their puff’ and are even back able to enjoy exercise again.
It’s a particular favourite post-op consult, as two weeks after surgery we check skin sutures and hear owners stories of rediscovered walks and activity for these patients.

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Juno dog