A frisky last couple of days for us at VetCW Surgical Team, with routine visits to Animal Vets, Hayle and Vets4Pets Falmouth, plus two urgent fracture cases at Monument Vets, Redruth.

So… Reggie (below) is happy that his fractured elbow is now locked back together; Teddy had some reassurance that we’d have his broken hip pinned back together and he’d be good as new, and Pablo now has a pair of kneecaps moving and grooving back into line.

In our fortnight and six week case reviews, Remi, River, Elsa, Bella, Callie and Evo are recuperating nicely from procedures including Juvenile Pubic Symphiodesis, Mammary Strip, Patellar Luxation, Hock Stabilisation, Elbow Dysplasia and Partial Meniscectomy.

On Thursday The Purple Crocs were sadly empty, as Lizzy was in virtual meetings with RCVS working group on Quality Improvement, but Colin got to play with The Coolest Hoover and pretend he knew what to do with a clinical waste bag, just so he could put the word ‘we’ into the ‘cleaned up’ phrase.

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x-rays Colin Whiting
Colin Whiting