We have to share a fantastic update and beautiful images today from Mike and Clare, the owners of Poppy, a flat-coat retriever who had a Laryngeal Tie-Back surgery four weeks ago.

“I’ve just come back from my first run with Poppy after her laryngoplasty at South Moor Vets. What a joy ! Thank you so so much…Poppy’s life has returned to the previous energetic bouncy one she had before. I know she is old for a flat coat but she still behaves like a puppy !I just wanted to say a big thank you”

The first photo shows Poppy enjoying a cliff walk, overlooking Burgh Island. She’s a much loved dog and takes a great photo!

Laryngeal ‘tie-back’ is a procedure to help dogs, generally in their later years, who are affected by laryngeal paralysis, caused by nerve dysfunction to the opening of their windpipe. The cartilages of the throat fall inwards and obstruct airflow, causing rasping noise and breathlessness. With a surgical approach at the side of the neck, we can ‘tie-back’ the affected cartilage and open their airway permanently; after a few weeks recuperation most dogs rediscover their former puff and have a rejuvenated enthusiasm for their walks and general activity, just as Poppy has done.

dog poppy in cornwall vetcw
dog poppy in cornwall vetcw
VetCW surgical team cornwall