We’re gearing up this week, and particularly exciting times today, with our initial (massive!) delivery of surgical instrumentation, kits and implants.

Once unwrapped, itemised and catalogued (there’s five power tools, each with their own array of attachments; hundreds of instruments, and roughly two thousand implants) they’ll be cleaned, packaged in their kit boxes and then prepared for sterilisation before being stowed for transport.

We’ll explain some of the various equipment and instruments we use in more detail over the weeks ahead.

Lizzy Whiting VetCW

Alasdair and his team at Veterinary Orthopaedics have provided extremely valuable help and support for our team as we start our service, and we certainly look forward to working with them in the future.

As we see here, Alf clearly wanted to lend Lizzy and Kate his supervision and approval to our kit selection. He’s retired contentedly to the sofa now, so all must be in order!